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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the next 60 years. jodi hernandez has been on the case since last march. jodi, this is going to have a huge impact on the other defendants too. >> this is a huge development in this case. the 20-year law enforcement veteran got up and admitted to being a dirty cop. in his own words, he described the dirty deeds he says he committed while wearing with the badge and he says he's fully prepared to testify against other former officers. >> he wants to move forward in his life, he knows to do that, he has to pay the piper, as the phrase goes. >> and for a former san ramon police officer that meant pleading guilty to nine felony charges. lombardi who was indicted last year along with christopher butler, and the former head of the contra costa narcotics team
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struck a plea deal with the prosecutors, agreed to plead guilty and testify against the others in exchange for a possible lighter sentence. >> mr. lombardi as i said, has been very open and cooperated and takes complete responsibility for what he's done, and in part of that is who he did it with and for what reasons. and he's told the government that. >> lombardi admitted he stole big amounts of cash and other belongings while serving search warrants on massage parlors and other targets. he also admitted to possessing and selling drugs. in one case he said he sold back methamphetamine to a confidential informant. he also says he used cnet funds to buy stolen guns. >> as difficult as this step was, mr. lombardi knows there are going to be consequences for the decisions he made. and he accept those consequences.
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>> norman welsh's attorney questions his had credibility. he fears the former san ramon police officer may be tempted to stretch the truth. >> when the federal government makes these types of offers to people, we will give you less time if you give someone up. it just pegs people to exaggerate other people's roles in crimes, and to minimize their own. >> i understand that you should be very skeptical over anyone who makes statements in exchange for promises of leniency. but you need to look at the overall facts in the u.s. attorney's office has done quite a bit of investigation. i believe can corroborate everything that mr. lombardi's told them. >> reporter: lombardi was immediately taken into custody. he faces more than 60 years in prison when he's sentenced. the other three defendants in
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this case must be feeling the heat as they now decide how to proceed, whether to continue to fight their charges and move forward toward trial. in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a dramatic day in court. thank you, jodi. $38,000 is missing from a south bay high school. they're pointing the finger at a school employee. tonight she's behind bars. police have arrested a 60-year-old at her home in milpitas yesterday afternoon. the school district notified police back in september, that a large amount of money was missing from the safe at the high school. she had access to the safe and information on the district's accounting practices. an audit completed last month showed more than $38,000 was missing from the school's associated student body funds. that money was for the senior prom and transportation. >> the dry winter causing concern all across the bay area,
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not only because of the d word, drought, but even small businesses are seeing profits dry up because of the rain. mary ann favreau joins us with more. some of us think it's nice to be dry, others know it's hurting them. >> there's a price to pay for that luxury. the reservoir is low, it's at 75% of average. and because we haven't had had much rain lately, the demand for water in our area is high. this san jose homeowner may be getting a new room. without rain, leak repairs have dried up. >> rain provides the impetus for homeowners to get their roofs done, without rain they may not think about their roof. >> the santa clara valley water district says rainfall is below 30% of normal and in flows to reservoirs are just 10% of what we typically see in january. >> of course, we're concerned.
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our reservoirs are below where we typically see them this time of year, we are concerned about flows in those reservoirs that have low storage levels. we're seeing increased water use on the part of the customers because it hasn't ranged. there's more outdoor water use going on, we're seeing high demands and low supplies. >> another concern, the district gets at least half of its water supply from the sierra snow pack, which has been extremely low this year, only 40% of average. this national weather service climate prediction map shows the bay area in brown and green stripes, indicating ongoing drought with some improvements. the loss of rain last year will help us, the district has stored 70,000 acres of water, enough h 20 to serve 140 households for a year. an investment well likely have to dip into later this year.
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>> what's next? well, water district officials say we'll likely have to dip into those reserves sometime this summer. and then after that, we may even have to ask other water districts for some help so that we have an adequate supply. if we're still low on water, that's when the district will have to ask consumers to cut back on their use. reporting live, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. a disgraced caltrans worker who lied on the job has been unfired and allowed to resign, all while keeping his pension and benefits. the california department of transportation fired dwayne wild last fall. he fabricated safety tests on freeway structures, including the new span of the bay bridge. while also falsely claiming over 400 hours of overtime. his firing was rescinded. as part of the deal he agrees to not take legal action against the state. now, this is the second time
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wild has been unfired by caltrans. the first was back in 1998 for inkpe tins, insub ordinance and dishonesty. california's attorney general is again rejecting a foreclosure settlement with major lenders. calling inadequate for california. back in october you may remember, she pulled out of the nationwide settlement talks saying the $25 billion deal didn't provide enough relief for homeowners and gave banking officials too much immunity. >> and the kind of action at that time were inexcusable that's what caused these foreclosures to happen nationwide. i think the settlement can be better, and i support the attorney general's action in trying to make it better. >> as much as 17 billion dollars of the proposed settlement is earmarked for financing of mortgages under foreclosure.
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location is everything. there is an economic recovery in california. but it varies depending on o the region. the strong surge is in the south bay. experts did some forecasting today in santa clara. they agree the new housing market continues to be a drag on california's economy. weak tax revenue is also hurting the state. silicon valley is described as the engine driving a big chunk of california's growth. >> the high-tech industry is absolutely essential. and it's a vital part of the state economy. the innovation we see here, bringing the young people and dynamic and highly educated professionals is a tremendous benefit to the state. >> these skpek experts also predict continuing hard times for the san diego area due to expected cuts in defense spending next year. tonight people who live in the san bruno neighborhood destroyed by that gas explosion in 2010 will get an update on pipeline safety improvement. representatives from pg&e and
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the california public utilities communication will be speaking at a meeting at 7:00. we'll talk about the steps taken to ensure the pipelines are safe. local what you makers include jerry hill are expected to attend. nancy pelosi's race to keep her seat will look a lot like the race in 2010. she'll have the same republican opponent. john dennis is announcing his candidacy in san francisco. most recently dennis has been active working as an organizer for ron paul. still to come here at 6:00, a tribute nearly 60 years in the making. how a south bay marine finally got a chance at the military honor that was long in the making. news on a family reunion. the evidence the prosecution has
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built. i'm at mac world, where the community comes together to talk everything apple. we're going to talk big profits and the loss of steve jobs coming up. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, even with the cloud cover lingering, temperatures still near record setting today. a few showers off to the north. we're tracking that. we'll let you know if any of that is coming your way in the next couple days. we will look at winds increasing from the south bay right up the tns [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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in the sports world, 49ers 345id made an amazing turnaround. in the tech world, netflix is trying to do the same thing. >> certainly turning thens around, it's a lot better for investors. after losing two thirds of its
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shareholder value last year, netflix hitting stride again. subscriber numbers are rising. today a 22% pop in the stock price. netflix says it added more than 600,000 subscribers in the last three months of 2011. facebook is fighting spam. ed social net working giant ss claim users are trying to embed spam on to user's facebook pages. google now owns 7.2 million square feet in mountainview, 60% more than the total a year ago. this coming from the hiring of 7,000 new employees in 2011. what can you you say about apple's growth? it's practically printing money, selling more device than ever, and without having to show up to what used to be its own show.
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here's why macworld is still a big draw. >> apple fans am combine music, martial arts and painting to express their love for gadgets. they'll jump up and down and tell you how good they are, they'll even come back to macworld, a love fest for everything apple when the company itself isn't there. >> i've been an apple owner for 22 years. i have one of the original box ones that has the little screen. and then i advanced. i have three computers and an ipho iphone, all apple, of course. >> apple users look at things a little differently than none apple users. they know their favorite company is no longer anything like an underdog. >> i'm supporting a company that makes millions and millions of dollars more than i do. >> they love to use iphones or ipads to do more than any other
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phone or tablet. >> something like this does level the playing film. it has a lot of individual power. >> they brought a lot of fun back to tech. tech was getting boring, it was a camera, a walkman, it really wasn't exciting and fun. i think that's where it is for me. that's what makes me want to come back here every time. >> while they'll pause to remember the man who brought them into the fold -- >> it seems like steve passing away -- it's pretty cool. >> apple fans will quickly scan the floor for small speakers and big speakers trying to find the next incredibly great thing. >> if you're interested, macworld runs through saturday in san francisco. >> very interesting. thank you, scott.
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there will be no new medical marijuana clubs in san francisco, at least not for now. the city will no longer issue new permits. the move follows an appeals court ruling in december that halted similar programs in states. city health officials say they're waiting for more direction from sacramento. the feds target the clubs. last year the justice department shut five dispensaries in san francisco. security video captured a sacramento gunman chased out of a convenience store by a man in his late 70s who swatted at the masked robber like he was a fly. it turns out valdez dillon is a retired police officer who likes to hang out in his son's store. he even grabbed the robber's mask. police now figure they can get dna evidence from it. the so-called evil clown robber is considered dangerous. in previous holdups he fired that gun to frighten clerks and
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customers. he's waited for this promotion for almost 60 years, an honorary promotion, but for a south bay marine, honor is a way of life. here's damian trujillo. >> this is me at 19 years of age. >> the honors are many for staff sergeant danny weissgarber. that's a tribute to his heroism during the korean war. his team was sent to charge a hill and forced to retreat when one of his marines went missing. >> i was the man in charge of that platoon. those were my men. the guy that was left on top of the hill -- i could have sent those three guys -- that wasn't their job. >> he put the wounded marine on his shoulders, but halfway down the hill, a mortar knocked them to the ground. he lost his marines and his
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legs. >> have you ever been shot at? >> no. his commander put denny in for promotion to gunnery sergeant. the marines instead gave him a medical discharge. now, almost 60 years after taking that -- denny is getting his stripes. >> anything you would you like to say to the soon to be gunnery sergeant congressman? >> hoorah. >> he pushed for the honorary promotion after hearing denny's stories, and he'll officially pin the 81-year-old on saturday. >> i'm happy we were able to do this for someone like yourself. >> he waived all back pay under the promotion. it's not the money he wants, it's the stripes. >> when they put me in that box, i want those gunnery stripes on my sleeve. that's where it came, from i
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guess. now you get me choked up. >> an honor six decades in the making for a marine who refused to leave a wounded brother behind. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> moving story. congratulations and very well deserved. still to come at 6:00, we're going to get to our weather. >> jeff wants to talk about how dry it's been and what a difficult time we're having with the weather. we're still not where we should be. >> most certainly, we heard from mary ann favro earlier in our newscast. she said a lot of reservoirs have water stored up. we're dry from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. there's a little bit of shower activeity on the i-5 corridor. we're not seeing any returns. after three storms in three days last week, we did see numbers
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bump up substantially. still, very poor when you look at the overall statewide snow pack. as we take a closer look. what you'll find here across the bay area, over the next 30 days is a very dry outlook, below average rain chances for the next 30 days. even in the next 90 days we're trending dry. by all indications, it looks like we'll continue to see some slight drought development in and through the bay area. numbers were still near record setting, 67 in santa rosa. also, 67 in the alma den valley. fairfield currently in the 50s with the daytime highs in the 60s. we're starting to see numbers drop off here with clearing starting in the north bay. 56 in sunnyvale, and currently 56 in livermore. let's bring you the overall pattern. we talk about how dry it is across northern california. here's a decent tap of moisture.
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it's not that potent but here's the thing. all of this is going to continue to push up in washington and oregon missing us as we head into the next 36 hours. our focus will be the fog. the fog clearing out as we head through tomorrow morning. we'll have a little cloud cover lingering by 9:00 p.m. a northerly wind. we're expecting widespread sunshine here across the bay area. what will that mean for your temperatures? most of our coast, bay and inland numbers in the 50s and 60s by the noon hour. the winds will help to ramp up our fire danger, it's close to february and we're talking about a potential for wildfires. we'll have more coming up. >> we'll see you in a little while. the downside of success now, what's good news for the wine industry may not be the same for wine lovers. keeping public education free for everyone. the key education ruling that could help keep fees out of the [ female announcer ] for dry, itchy skin, get lasting relief with gold bond intensive healing cream.
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if you are not already, there's a good chance you will
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soon. switch to a fuel efficient vehicle. the california air resources board met today in l.a. to discuss possible new rules. the aim is to increase the number of electric cars on the road. it's also to boost fuel efficiency and reduce air pollution. the new clean car rules parallel the federal government's role of doubling the nation's auto fuel economy standards. from the current 27 miles per gallon to 50 miles per gallon in 2025. a big blow to state officials who tried to pawn off the controversy to local school districts. the lawsuit out of l.a. sued the state and officials for failing to crack down on districts that illegally charged students fees for anything from playing sports, field trips, lab materials. extras that many low income families simply can't afford. the government doesn't dispute it's happening, but enforcing
6:25 pm
equity is a district problem not a state one. the state bears responsibility for a free and equal education for all children. more education news for you, last week, apple as you may remember made a big announcement about getting into the textbook business. they're working with publishers to bring textbooks to the ipad. one of the biggest names in silicon valley is critical of that move saying textbooks should be free. scott mcneely is the founder and former head of sun microsystems. they've been providing materials online now at no charge and open to everyone. >> free textbooks, free curriculum, all open and modifiable. it's their for the taking, there are just large organizations like apple, like the publishers who don't want to see this happen. >> how can you use the program?
6:26 pm
what are teachers say about it? you can hear more about what scott mcneely has to say on class action as well as enter the world of duel emersion. can kids really learn proficiently in two languages at once? find out this sunday at 9:30 in the morning. >> should be interesting. still ahead, pointinged finger at the picture on the tarmac. have you seen this yet? both sides scrambling to explain just what went on. back in court. san francisco's embattled sheriff heads to court to try to win a chance to see his family again. new details of the daring hostage rescue by s.e.a.l. team 6. brazilian authorities release these pictures of a deadly building collapse.
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his request denied. ross cannot reconnect with his family. it's a decision he calls disproportionately cruel. nbc bay area's stephanie trong has the latest from this high profile case. >> the court has denied the sheriff a family reunion, the 50-year-old must continue to stay away from his wife and his two and a half-year-old son. >> this is disproportionately cruel and will continue to commit the fight -- >> lopez was sitting behind him, a dismayed look glued to her face throughout the hour long hearing. the prosecution argued it had an overwhelming amount of evidence of him documenting his son, including an october e-mail from lopez to the family's neighbor. lopez said he left their son alone in the car vomiting, and confided she had thoughts of running away.
6:30 pm
her new attorney was on day one of the job. she argued that child protective services investigation concluded the fighting didn't cause damage to theo. the real suffering for both father and son was a result of their court ordered separation. one man blasted him when he showed up to court today. >> 30 rounds of bullets left that bullet into my son and ross was there, and he has helped me. >> i want to get on with business, this needs to stop. let him go to work. >> the judge advised they can pursue a petition in family court for supervised visitation with his son. in san francisco, stephanie
6:31 pm
trong nbc bay area news. police are asking for your help in search for thieves stealing copper off bart train tracks. they already hit six times this month alone. they cut through fences and take the copper right off the tracks. the thieves are relentless. >> targeting -- replacement copper cutting into fences, coming into our maintenance yard. everything that you can imagine. >> and if you you can imagine it's not cheap. stolen copper cost bart over $200,000 last year. you're being asked to keep a look out, see anything suspicious near the tracks, call especially if it's late at night. the family of a homeless man shot and killed by bart police is now suing the agency. this is surveillance video of
6:32 pm
that incident. you may remember seeing before. the family's attorney says police did not need to use fatal force and they're asking for unspecified monetary damages in civil court. police shot 45-year-old charles hill after a confrontation in july. police say they were forced to shoot hill because he threw a knife at them. >> that tarmac episode has led to a huge spike in book sales. yesterday's brief between president obama and the governor of arizona remains in the national spotlight. jan brewer is defending her actions today. a photo of the governor pointing her finger in the president's face is a hot topic. they exchanged heated remarks of brewer's book and her account of a meeting with president obama two years earlier. in published reports today mr. obama said their conversation was not a big deal, but the photo is out there. >> well, you know, they always say a picture is what it is. but i must say i was not
6:33 pm
hostile, i was trying to be very gracious. >> getting back to that book now, it's called scorpions for breakfast. sales are skyrocketing, the book jumped for 285,000 all the way up to number 20 on's bestseller list. it is stunning to look at, there's video today that shows the sheer horror of three buildings collapsing in brazil. >> we bring in janelle with our national and international headlines today. >> the pictures look eerily similar to 9/11, people running for their lives when three large buildings collapse in rio. you can see the dust and debris filling the streets. meanwhile the search for survivors continues today. six people are confirmed dead and 16 missing. after three buildings collapsed last night. the exact cause is unknown, but it's believed the largest building 20 stories high was structurally flawed. when it came down, brought down the two other buildings.
6:34 pm
two international aid workers are reunited with family tonight. we're learning new details surrounding this week's rescue operation of 32-year-old american jessica buchanan and a danish man. the navy s.e.a.l. team 6 flu to the area by plane and parachuted about two miles from the camp to take the kidnappers by surprise. they ran in, and when they arrived they exchanged gunfire with nine somalis killing all of them. the two hostages were rescued unharmed and are said to be in good condition. former players, friends and family members spoke at the public memorial held on the campus of penn state. they focused on paterno's inspirational life, but it was impossible to ignore that scandal that ended his career. nike founder defended paterno's response to the child sex abuse allegations against former
6:35 pm
assistant coach jerry sandusky. >> if there's a villain in this, it lies in that investigation not in joe paterno's response. >> paterno died on sunday of lung cancer, he was 85 years old. 16 confirmed dead, and 16 still missing, italian authorities release new video of the search for bodies on the shipwrecked costa concordia. this is video of firefighters on the dry side of the ship axing down cabin doors, looking for bodies as well as evidence surrounding the accident. two weeks ago, the captains steer the ship into a reef after taking an unauthorized detore. today his wife defended him saying he's not a monster. talks started today on how to compensated surviving passengers for their ruined vacations, lost valuables and pain and
6:36 pm
suffering. crews are expected to start pumping a half a million gallons of fuel from the ship this saturday. >> it's a big issue for carnival cruise lines who owns that company. still to come, from bohemia to bureaucracy. the transformation in store for a bay area neighborhood that's known as a counter culture icon. and downward dog. how sfo is trying to take the stress out of travel. we may be rain-free, but surf's up at the coastline, small craft advisory and high surf advise write right into parts of the weekend. we'll talk about the height of those waves in a few minutes. your forecast for tomorrow clears out.
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a shortage of grapes could have you paying more for your favorite glass of wine. experts say california wine/grape production isn't keeping up. grape growers estimate they've harvested just over 3 million tons much grapes last year, that's near the 2007 level. the state needs to harvest some 3.6 million tons this year to keep pace with sales. there are concerns that early budding and little winter rain could lead to weaker wine and grape production. sfo has a new twist inside terminal 2. a new yoga room. it just opened today, and people are already putting it to use. travelers waiting for american airlines and virgin american flights can use this room free of charge. have you to remain quiet.
6:40 pm
you have to remove your shoes and turn off all mobile devices inside the room. you won't find any instructors or scheduled classes, but the space will stay open 24/7. >> and you're not allowed to bring your children, in which means i'm out. i'll never get to use it. >> you and i can go together, i'm thinking it's a good place for me to perfect practice. >> without a flight, you would just hang out? >> i'm always too nervous to go in the big classes. >> i think you're denying me. >> we have fog here across the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about drying north winds in just minutes. good news and some bad news for the raiders ahead, we're going to tell you both. the good news involves a new head coach, the bad news involves the team's linebacker in a lawsuit. that's next coming up in sports. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health.
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it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. you never know what exists in the less explored areas of the bay area until tonight. muir woods is an unusual community that survived for decades. here's joe riz otto, jr. >> the path to this smallwoodsy
6:43 pm
enclave winds past thick moss covered trees on a road that's hardly a road at all. you could say it's not far from muir woods, but in philosophy, it's not close to anything. >> this is the house we found. >> this funky collection of houses and structures in the forest is unknown to most people, but ed styles has called it home for more than four decades. >> it's been my home for so long, i think of it as home. i think the specialness of it is in the eyes of others. >> the colony was founded by roger somers in the '50s. the curious homes became a remote refuge for musicians, beat poets and philosophers. 34 people lived here at one time. >> the bay area has always been a haven for all kinds of famous and flamboyant people. a lot of musicians, artists, this place was very social and roger made it very open to them. >> when the national parks
6:44 pm
service bought the land in the '70s, it struck a deal that people living here could remain the rest of their lives. summers died years ago, leaving styles and his wife as the last residents. many of the 16 houses that occupy the land are losing a battle with nature. vines trespass through the walls of one vacant home and into a bathtub. one is declay okaying. >> the rate at which nature is reclaiming these buildings is impressive. i've been an observer of that, but it's happening faster than i would have ever thought. >> we know it has local significance. we're not sure how much deeper the significance goes. and we're looking into that. >> even if deemed historic, the parks service said it would be difficult to save the buildings. in this forest haven in a house
6:45 pm
built from a chicken barn. styles lives content with the changes and his memories of the 47 years here. >> the 47 years, the foliage on the hillsides has changed, but we haven't had to watch one pink stucco condo go up. >> never knew they existed. >> that's a beautiful area out there. the weather in muir woods is always beautiful too. it's always a little crisp, but it feels like you're on an adventure when you're out there. >> the climate always surprising you at times. today we did have numbers near record setting yet again. 67 in santa rosa. 67 in san jose, 65 in livermore. 67 in santa cruz. 60 in san francisco to 64 in redwood city. we do not have any rainfall, we mentioned earlier, surf's up at our coastline. small craft advisory for the
6:46 pm
entire coast. and wind whipped waves here, that could be some 15 to 20 feet as we head into tomorrow, also early saturday. while it may be good for the surfers, for the regular swimmer, we could have some rip currents that could pull you out quickly, if you're headed out to the beach, be careful of that. right now the situation is interesting. we have a cold front passing through, just like all the other storms in the past, it's so weak that it's only producing a little light returns here across the sacramento valley. that's going to be no rainfall for us tonight. we're going to continue to see these numbers drop off to some colder numbers than we've had in the past 58 hours. 52 in novado. we still have the low cloud cover lingering right now. the winds are going to pick up, become breezy and the dry wind will scour out any kind of low clouds as we head into our friday forecast. winds could gust 15 to 25 miles per hour. as we look right now on the
6:47 pm
satellite and radar picture we have moisture out here, it's not impressive, and here's the other thing, all of this activity will continue to ridge up into canada, washington and oregon again missing the bay area. you can see all this clearing off the immediate coastline, that's what's going to be setting in for us, at least at the higher levels. when we've had this fog today, what you're going to notice here, all that fog is going to get pushed out as we start to see this north wind develop into tomorrow morning. that will mean sunny excise from this point, 6:00 a.m. all the way into the afternoon hours as we head into 3:00 p.m. friday, it's going to be a gorgeous day outside, once again, those winds are going to be picking up. as for tonight, 49 in freemont, 46 in los gatos. 51 in san francisco and dropping to some of our coldest levels in santa rosa with 42. wind as cross the santa cruz mountains could be 15 to 30 miles an hour out of the north. numbers also above average, near
6:48 pm
record setting from san jose right into morgan hill. a little bit cooler here for our east bay communities. we could see livermore pop up to 67. hey ward 63 and also alameda expecting 63. for san francisco, 63 tomorrow. half moon bay 60. can you see from vallejo to berkeley, a string of double sixes, that small craft advisory not only for the northern coastline, but the entire coast, where we could have those wind whipped waves 15 to 25 feet. friday, the fire danger increases, dry and sunny on saturday, as we head throughout sunday. a little bit of cloud cover, but still no major changes. the only hint of any large scale change may come monday with a slight chance of an isolated shower. i haven't even put the rain icon on yet, it's so men school. numbers drop, we are trending
6:49 pm
dry. so i'm trying to shake the rain stick back in my weather center, i actually do have a rain stick. >> i don't doubt it. >> it doesn't seem to be work. >> let's get to sports. >> let's bring in jim kozamor from our comcast sports desk. >> you are right on top of it 37 on monday we told you the raiders had reportedly hired a new head coach to replace the fired hugh jack man. today, comcast sportsnet's kate longworth is reporting the deal is official. the former broncos defensive coordinator signed a four-year deal today to become the raider's head coach. he's 39 years old and has never been a head coach at any level. he is the first head coach with a defensive background for oakland. a guy by the name of john madden. that worked out pretty well.
6:50 pm
an alabama man is suing maclaine, claiming the raiders linebacker held a gun to his head during a brutal and prolonged asauchlt and battery. maclaine was arrested in december on assault charges, following a fight. christian is seeking unspecified damages from maclaine. in happier football news, the new york football giants and the new england patriots took to the practice field today in preparation for super bowl xlvi in indianapolis, which you can see on nbc. this is the first day of practice for both teams leading up to what promises to be a showdown for the ages. >> any time you play the patriots you always assume they may have something new for you. the last time we played them, they showed a lot of different looks, different schemes on defense they have not shown before. >> an outstanding football coach who has his finger on everything that goes on there, and does an
6:51 pm
exceptional job of planning in his own right and, so, therefore it presents outstanding problems, and on top of that, just as important obviously, they're a very, very good team. >> the game is big enough for me, and all i look forward to and concentrate on. everything else is just kind of noise. i think the fun part is, it's getting there a weak early and getting away from everything. and concentrating on the game and the task at hand. >> i'm always trying to play better. i think every player on this team is trying to play better. i'm glad we won that game, we're sitting in this position now. i think a lot of guys played really well. >> we have to keep that same intensity we have throughout the whole year, the same thing we've been doing, getting better each week. playing better. we have to continue to do that this week, and hopefully we can
6:52 pm
walk away with a w, and with a win in the super bowl everything you look back, in all the credits, you look at -- whatever it may be. it will be all worth it at the end of the day with a win. >> while the giants and pats are ready for the super bowl. many 49ers and raiders are in hawaii prepping for the pro bowl. the raiders have four members of the probowl, the niners have nine, more than any other team. tiger woods in the news. first round of the abu dhabi championship. tiger woods in action. he sinks the short birdie putt, and then woods putting for birdie on par 4 on the ninth hole, he just misses two under on the day, two shots off. the shot of the day belongs to sergeo garcia. his tee shot finds the bottom of the cup, baby, that's right. that's a whole in one.
6:53 pm
and he's buying drinks on the 19th. rory mcelroy -- men's semis, roger federer, rafael nadal certainly worth watching any time these guys take the court. nadal wins his second straight set. earlier in the set. watch this deflexion. look at the hands, that is nifty hand/eye. well done young ball person. federer's four-hand long, he wins it in four sets advancing to the finals. that is quick hand work right there. very well done, we'll have more coming up at 11:00. >> a ball person should get something for that? like a trophy. >> how about a raise? >> exactly. something. >> thanks a lot. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can watchonig
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at 10:30.
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tonight at 11:00, not just a super bowl win, but tom brady says there's something else he wants. and the patriots quarterback is using facebook to get it. his personal race against the clock, and why social media could be the life saving answer. that's tonight at 11:00 after "the firm." bmoc, big man on campus, the san francisco 49er is now a san jose state spartan. dante whitner is going back to school to finish up his degree.
6:57 pm
he's taking three classes to complete his degree in business affairs. listen to this he sent out a tweet asking if any san jose state students could show him around campus. think he'll have any takers? he said he might even join a frat. like he's not going to have any friends. >> he's going to walk around with 40 people carrying his books. >> he's going to have a possi. a former college football player. >> i didn't have anybody carrying my books. >> coming up tonight, the youtube phenomenon, you won't believe how many people are watching videos on youtube every day. the numbers are mind-boggling. we're going to talk to a top youtube executive about that craze and some of the challenges it presents. mack world is back, what can you expect. and the fight to protect whales hitting closer to home. a new lawsuit filed in san
6:58 pm
francisco today. >> we'll see you at 7:00, have a great evening.
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